Thursday, 9 November 2017

Why Soul Care?

Why Soul Care?

Anyone who has been following me for a while will have noticed a few branding shifts over the past three years.

I went from Inner Haven, to Mindfulness with Aoife, to Wee Owl Soul Care, to just Soul Care with Aoife, which feels most comfortable and seems to have stuck.

I knew that the word 'soul' would be a challenge to some, but it felt like the only word that fully describes what I am doing in my work.

Mindfulness is the main thing I offer, and it is such a buzz word and a draw, but it has been so diluted to fit into our busy-shallow culture I often feel quite disconnected from it.

Real mindfulness to me is incredibly deep and life altering. It isn't just about noticing a few things here and there, it's about sustaining attention, and seeing so clearly that we actively shift our lives to something better.

It's about change and building resilience, long-term, and in doing so helping create a more stable and loving world.

It's powerful stuff.

Underneath all our busyness, stress and complaining, sits our life purpose - what we're meant to be doing, and how we're meant to be living our lives. When I use the word soul, I refer to that inner knowing, that alive and awake presence in all of us that could be guiding our lives with ease and grace, if we just got out of the way and let it.

This mindful, soulful presence is the opposite of living life as a perpetual emergency and drama. To inhabit this presence swims against the tide of modern culture, yet it is also the natural way to be, so has all the forces of nature supporting it.

So many problems we face worldwide find their root in panicked, unhappy minds. The only sane response to such a situation is to meditate daily; to take responsibility for our own minds and thereby become able to contribute something helpful. My own personal daily practice is to stick with my own soul, as best I can, one day at a time.

I know from many years of intensive silent meditation retreat just what is possible in terms of joy and delight in each day. It is this joy that keeps me meditating, and it is my compassion for others that motivates me to teach what I have learned.

So, when you come to me for individual support, a meditation class, or a retreat, I will help you care for and connect with your own soul. When I do my drawings it is my soul that creates and wants to speak with your soul.

This is what soul care means to me.

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