Thursday, 12 June 2014

Learning from Nature

Everything in the natural world affirms mindfulness.

From the leaves that unfurl, expand and then fall, to the flowers that open and close, open and close as the sun comes and goes.

Nature reminds us that everything is constantly changing.

When we sit outside surrounded by plants, weather and creatures, all that ails us falls away.

Judgements, worries, franticness and overwhelm all lose their momentum as we remember that we are here. We are actually here, not stuck in the past or reaching for the future.

We realise that we a part of what's happening right now and therefore have choices - we can create new experiences for ourselves.

The volume on shoulds, coulds and woulds goes way down until it disappears. The volume goes up on hearing birdsong, smelling sweet air, feeling the earth beneath us, the air on our face. Everything is alive!

Nature can bring us back to a baseline calm and ease. From this place of balance new ideas, inspiration and creativity arises.

And why wouldn't we feel this way? We belong here. Each and every one of us is an important part of this moment.

Nature is always waiting to remind us that we do indeed belong.

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