Tuesday, 1 April 2014


This morning the dogs and I went on our usual walk through the bog up to woodland leading to a lake. It was a lovely warm start to the day and everything was shining.

When we got to the lake it was perfectly still and the mixture of dark grey and vivid blue that you can only find in Donegal. 

The dogs sat looking up at me, patiently waiting for sticks to be thrown into the water.

I needed some time though. I was drinking in the stillness and immensity of water - how it was a perfect mirror for this graduation from light to dark. Every once in a while a fish would pop up, a cow would call out from a nearby farm, the dogs would suggest I get on with it.

When my still delightment was finished I collected some sticks and let the first one go. Fullollup! Mighty flung himself in. Then Halo eased into the water. Both paddling and breathing, paddling and breathing. With each movement, changing the lake.

After a while water was shaken off and we walked on.

I looked over a few minutes later and the ripples were still there, moving out towards the other end of the lake. The sensitivity and simplicity of the scene seeped into me. Action - reaction.

We are often so busy that we forget how every tiny movement, every thought and action has ripples far beyond itself. 

Within each person there is the power to affect everything around them. As we grow mindfulness we become more and more aware of this, and with this awareness comes a sense of responsibility for how we are in the world. 

Someone asked me recently how much I sit to meditate every day. I have been practising an hour in the morning and evening since my first retreat 8 years ago*. Some days I do a little less and some days more but those sittings remain the most important parts of my day. 

When I think of the commitment I have to these quiet times I feel very grateful. I am grateful for the freedom it gives me to be my True self. 

As I was thinking about it I then remembered that it isn't only me that I do those sittings for. Of course it gives me a sense of integrity to 'show up' for myself and is an expression of self love to take that medicine each day, but I also know that my being in balance helps the whole world.

Our energy ripples out beyond us to places we don't even know. 

How do you want to ripple?

*Two hours a day suits me but it is not necessary to do that amount. The most important thing is the daily element. If you can commit to 30 seconds that's great, be still and present for 30 seconds every day. If you feel inspired to meditate for 5 hours a day then go for it! And if you miss a day, just pick it up again smilingly ~ remembering that all is well.

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