Friday, 7 February 2014

When Life Gives You Lemon Pips

In the Summer months I get my veg and fruit locally at The Country Market or The Glasshouses and in the winter I buy organic from The Green Man and The Natural Way or, last resort, at Tesco. In the end it costs less because organic produce lasts so much longer.

This Winter I have been buying lots of organic lemons. I've been enjoying lemon slices in most drinks and feel like I am drinking sunshine on those long, grey, torrentially rainy days.

This morning I sliced the lemon as usual and spent a few moments picking about 10 pips out of one slice. It was lovely to feel the juice on my skin, to touch the flesh of the fruit and deeply inhale the lemon-scent. It was such a yummy yellow experience! And then I remembered that most non-organic lemons have little to no pips so this experience is lost to most people.

Lemons, oranges, grapes, watermelons, tomatoes, bananas are the main fruits genetically modified to be seedless. These fruits are a dead-end in the cycle of growth and diversity. Nothing can be grown from them. This seedlessness is great for big corporations like Monsanto because it means the farmers can't save their seeds like human beings have been doing since farming began. They have to buy new seed each year.

So, why is there a thirst for seedlessness?

I remember when I was young being a bit bothered by grape seeds. They tasted bitter and ruined an experience that was supposed to be sweet. Those stupid seeds! But then it became quite interesting to try to eat them without biting into a seed. To separate the flesh and seed, maybe even peel them and then have the pleasure of spitting the seeds out. Aiming at the bin perhaps!

It wasn't just gobble, gobble, gobble, ahhhhh.... like most eating experiences. Their was a mindful sense to it. A curiosity, a learning about this food stuff, a connection to this grape-nature that nurtured me.

By trying to make things more convenient we lose so much of life's simple pleasures. We lose the beauty of experience and connection to what we consume and its providers. And we lose time. Time to savour what we are doing, moment to moment. 

It's as if there is a constant shouting in our heads saying, 'No time, no time. I must keep rushing. No time!'.

Thankfully farmers markets are gaining popularity and organic is moving towards becoming the new normal. This fast paced, frantic, 'I've no time to pick the seeds out' mentality is fading away.
We are starting to see the value of slowing down and savouring our lives. We are beginning to realise that this is it. Right now. This moment. This is when I can be happy. This is when I can connect to another, to nature, to myself. 

This is when I can lovingly make myself a cup of lemon tea, sit down, smell, taste, listen, feel...

And maybe even grow a lemon tree from seed as an indoor plant!

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