Tuesday, 12 November 2013

Evolve Love


We are constantly evolving. 

Every 7 years we have a completely new body and every 2 months new lips! We know on an intellectual level that this onward movement is something we cannot stop but we often put a lot of energy into trying to do just that. 

Nearly all of our stress in life comes from going against the inevitability of change.

Every time we judge or identify with anything in this flowing river of life we freeze time. And when we freeze time there is discomfort, pain and tension. We step out of reality into a separate dream where 'everything is under control' and 'I am going to make this be exactly the way I want it to be'.

I have experienced this feeling quite a bit since returning from my natural beekeeping trip. I care so deeply for the bees and want so much to help them skilfully that I was starting to create a lot of tension around the whole thing.

When I felt in to the tension I found my inner question was 'How can I be perfect at this?'

Perfectionism is really just a big pile of judgement* - this is good, that is not good etc. It always leads to a kind of paralysis because it goes against the reality that life is dynamic and full of surprises. No thing can be pinned down and made be exactly how we want it to be without an awful lot of suffering.

If we want to change anything the only way to do it is through love - sometimes tender-love and sometimes tough-love. Love works in harmony with evolution not against it.

It was really helpful for me to get beyond the will to be perfect and find at the root of my tension this deep concern for the bees. This bee-love is also me-love, care for myself as a human being who relies on them for such a wide variety of food. It is also life-love for all that is intricately connected to this magical creature.

Now that I have started to feel the love and find myself evolving again, the connection between my actions and the bees' well-being has become clearer. I don't really know what is going to happen but I am no longer tense and I know that this is much more fertile soil from which to grow something wonderful.

*The judgement I speak of is different to discernment, which is our innate inner knowing of what to do next - to stay or go, to advance or retreat, speak or be silent etc.


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