Sunday, 24 November 2013

Every day ~ Beauty

This morning I woke up and opened the curtains to see a strange black and white sky, mist covering the land right down to the sea and shafts of golden sunlight touching the tips of the trees in the forest.

I lay there and watched how it was changing and changing ~ more mist, less sunshine, darker clouds, fine rain, sunshine getting stronger... everything coming into clear focus and bright colour. Then no more clouds. A clear blue sky. Maybe now the washing on the line will dry, I thought. Or maybe not. The water in the bay a slowly flowing mirror.

Later on I was walking in the forest with the dogs. It was my first walk in two days since hurting my leg. Everything was fresh and new, wet and colourful, with an autumnal perfume that made me breathe deeper, letting this air-nourishment fill my body. What a miracle life is, I thought. All these different leaves padding my path. Having been here beside this forest for nearly a full year now I feel an intimacy with these trees. I've seen them grow and change. Express themselves. Let go.

The dogs did their funny fast running round the field as we went to say hello to the bees. Two days without a long walk being flung out of their bodies again and again, round and round til they came back to some sort of equilibrium. Back to me for a wee pat on the head. Everything is OK. We walk on and explore together. The forest is beautiful, even the little mushy brown waterfall.

Letting everything be just as it is. 

With judgements about this and that, about ourselves and others, about how things should or shouldn't be, we are uprooted from the here and now and suspended in an uncomfortable position mid-air. We are walled-off from the beauty and mysteriousness of life.

So we meditate, we look, touch, smell, taste, listen... We melt away these walls, and open ourselves to the wonders of life. Again and again, day after day, more walls crumble and more and more light gets in ☼

There is beauty in each moment, in each breath.

Let it in, let it in...

'If the doors of perception were cleansed every thing would appear as it is, Infinite.'

~ William Blake

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