Wednesday, 9 October 2013

Welcome, Wait & Know

This morning I was standing by my beehives at the edge of the forest, noticing the lack of movement and wishing the honeybees well.

Winter is coming and everything is changing. There was a sense of sadness in this, of cold and growing darkness.

Then I heard a faint and pleasing sound off in the distance and looked up to see a flock of wild geese approaching overhead. Their flight calls filled the air and reminded me that there are also special comings in winter. Yes, a lot of beauty fades, but new wonders arise in their place offering fresh experience and life.

Whatever arises this week, like everything in nature, it is in a state of constant change. The choice we have with each new happening is either to welcome it OR fight with it (take it personally and suffer). When we welcome everything life brings we can then wait for our inner wisdom to show us the next wise step.

This welcoming, waiting and knowing can become a new way to be in the world. A way that slows everything down, makes it more magical and gives us back a sense of really being here, in touch with our deepest values and needs from moment to moment.

May we embrace change and open up to be fully ourselves in each moment.

More info on our wild geese

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  1. A lovely reflection Aoife! Thank you. U

  2. Lovely piece Aoife. Thank you. Philip Dowdall

  3. Dear Aoife
    A beautiful reflection and very apt for me .Thank you for shairing it and may the winter season bring new awareness and joy to you .

  4. Thank you Brid and Caroline :) Wishing you beautiful times ahead this winter!