Wednesday, 23 October 2013

Taking the Reins and Listening

For a while there my goat kids were getting infected hooves. I sprayed them with antiseptic everyday for about a week but the problem came back as soon as I stopped. I was feeling frustrated one morning with this constant intervention. They were such strong wee guys otherwise it didn't make sense that this was necessary. So, in the field, I decided to stop, close my eyes, and let the answer 'come to me'. 

The idea came to roll up Lemon Balm (Melissa) leaves and stuff them into their hooves. There was no external validation for this idea, no book had told me to do it and no old goat-keeper had passed down this wisdom. There was no outward guarantee for success, but I knew in my gut that it would work because anytime I listen in this way it always does. So I picked the herb and stuffed the hooves. Two days later both kids were healed and there hasn't been a problem since.

In that quiet moment I listened to my inner guidance, followed it and all was well.

Our bodies are constantly giving us feedback on the world. They are like a big antennae taking in information and offering guidance. Many people are taught growing up not to listen to this, that is not something to be trusted. We are taught to trust external sources - experts or scientific experiments with quantifiable results. Those things can be helpful but nothing can compare to 'just knowing'. Human intuition allows for and encourages everyday miracles, which are nothing more that the absence of frantic thought clouding the natural flow of wisdom.

When people come to a daily meditation practice they have usually gained some understanding of this. They know that nothing outside themselves can bring the peace and understanding they seek. What they seek resides within and requires that we take the reins of our lives and start to really listen to the inner wisdom that will always keep us in balance.

May we all listen and trust.


I am on holiday for the rest of the week and will reply to emails and calls when I return next Tuesday. 

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 Be Happy

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